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Main subject areas in Kindergarten are Religion, Math, Reading Readiness, Printing, Art, Music and Children's Literature.

In Religion the Kindergarten Program God Loves Us is designed to make the children aware of God's love through the many good and beautiful persons, events, and things He has placed in their lives. Each week?s theme leads the children to appreciate their own uniqueness and to sense God's presence in all the wonderful things around us.

In the math subject area the students will learn various numerical concepts, numbers, basic shapes, and measurements.

During Printing-Penmanship, the class will learn to print upper and lower case letters, the numbers 1-100, and their first and last name. When their tasks are completed, the class continues to print simple words (color words, number words, rhyming words). By the end of the year, the class will be able to print simple sentences. Students will learn the correct manner in which to hold a pencil and the correct formation of each letter and number.

Reading Readiness is an important part of the day. The class uses the Harcourt Reading Program which is designed to provide your child with positive learning experiences through exposure to quality literature and Language Arts.

Throughout this year your child will be learning many exciting things about our language and how it is used. We will be learning about words that show direction, i.e., left, right, over, under, in, out, top, and middle.

Our Phonics program emphasizes the essential skills that children need to know as they learn to decode.

Play Time: Each day has allotted playtime, either in the classroom or on the playground.

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